Event Driven Infrastructure

Shiva N / @shivamaan

Event Driven Architecture

A banana warehouse at the zoo

Run an banana inventory every hour

Give me five bananas

Monkey took five bananas

Event Driven Architecture

Event Driven Architecture

5 Characteristics

  • Real time (or near real time)
  • Push Notifications
  • One-way 'fire-and-forget'
  • Immediate action at event consumer
  • Informational (“monkey took bananas”) and not commands (“perform banana inventory”)


  • Decouple responsibilities
  • Communicate by triggering events
  • Scale out components horizontally
  • Higher responsiveness
  • High availability and resiliency

What about Infrastructure?

Automated Configuration Management

  • Puppet
  • Chef
  • Ansible
  • Salt
  • etc...

Infrastructure as Code

AWS Cloudformation + Custom Resources = No Limits


Homegrown tools/scripts

AWS Lambda

A whole new world...

What is AWS Lambda?

  • A zero-administration compute platform
  • Stored procedures for the cloud
  • Function-as-a-Service (NodeJS/Java)
  • Event driven from other services
  • …or triggered externally and even chained

What events can your infrastructure react to ?

The Riddler

Simple Event

S3 put event processed by Lambda

Spiky Load Events

Auto Scaling
  • Pre warming (Time)
  • Auto scaling (Metrics)
  • Feed forward loops (Predictive)

Component Failure Event

  • EC2 Auto Healing
  • Service discovery + Container recycling
  • SQS Design pattern

Disaster Event

Pilot Light DR Pilot Light DR

Security Events

  • DDoS attack
  • Instance compromise

Streaming Events

CloudTrail + Kinesis + Lambda + SNS

Complex Events

  • Intelligent build pipelines
  • Event Observer Pattern
Auto Scaling

Sentient Events ?!

How does this affect "the DevOps"?

Blues Brothers

Operational Lifecycle

  • Immutable infrastructure
  • No patching or in place deployments

Serverless architectures

Monitoring and Metrics

  • Centralized logging
  • Log Analytics
  • Build metrics, application metrics, customer experience metrics instead of CPU, memory and OS metrics
  • Event Storms

Is this a scary path?